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In a boy it would be unusual for them NOT to be masturbating at this age (I have three brothers), so whilst in a girl it is pretty unusual for her age it isn weird. You might want to be careful of her activities with her boyfriend at twelve her having sex would be illegal, inappropriate and dangerous. I think you might want to talk to a doctor/family planning clinic and/or find out where she got the dildo, and why she bought it..

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dog dildo I'm not saying he should go that route, but it might be good knowing there is such an option. If he starts these relationships able to have erections and sex and then loses that ability, the odds are that it is a psychological problem, though I would hope he's had blood work ups to make sure that his hormone levels are in order. So maybe he should consult with a psychologist to see if he can figure out why he develops this impotence dog dildo..
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dog dildo
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